Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Phew.....Deadpool's car is really big.Anyway I got out of his car and he has said Don't do anything against him, or he'll put me back in there.
                When I logged in my account, I found:

  • My 6,015 fractals are now only 416 fractals left.
  • I have these new heroes at these levels : X-force Deadpool-11,Captain America-5,Golaith- 4
  • He has completed some achievements.
Well, he completely took over my blog too.But now I have Everything BACK.Well, he rescheduled my schedule, 'cuz now I need more fractals to buy Psylocke and Classic Dare Devil!Also I have some news for you.This guy is confirmed!!!
Its Juggernaut!!Finally!

Well then Bye!
                                                                                                                           ------The SHSO Guide

But don't forget I'm still monitoring over that idiot!!!!
                                                                                                               -------Guess who?

Monday, 8 December 2014

X-Force Deadpoll! Hellllllllllllllll

Oh hello guys,I think he was about to type 'help' but I tied both his feet and hands tightly and kept him in the trunk of my car! Ha!You know he typed 'Deadpoll' and let me tell you that my name is pool of dead not 'poll of dead'.Ohhh, My name is deadpool!That idiot was tellin' something to buy that creepy onslaught and he had some 6,054 fractals,so I brought myself!So here I am!
I made the picture X-large 'cuz I'm X-Force deadpool!
I think thats enough,but I will keep monitering over that idiot!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

FOUR characters revealed!!

You read it right, there are four characters who would be released shortly.Ha.....ha......ha...
Sorry for that.Anyway, here they are:

I think you already this,from Squad Time.Speaking of squad time,where is ep.6????

2.Nova{Sam Alexander}
Yep,its nova.But, he's sam alexander.


A villian.I think his heroup would be spawning those big insects.

Now thats what I am talking about.I WILL GET HIM WHEN HE RELEASES.AND THAT'S THE SHSO GUIDE'S PROMISE.Right now I have this amount of fractals:
So,that means I need more 6000-4015=1985 fractals[Boo!]OR 5000-4015=985[Yay!]
So I hope he is for 5000 and is for non members...

P.S.-Sorry for not posting for so many days.But my exams were going on.:P

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Dracula defeated at last!!

I always wanted to get an admant in the crisis edition of the dracula mission.Today I got it! Even after dying 2 times!Thanx very much commander marshal cowgirl!You did not get it.:(
So, here it is:
 upon activating it....

Friday, 7 November 2014

Wolverine sale and X force wolverine!!

All the wolvie's are on sale today including a special wolvie:
Ta Da!
OK,so he's a very rare hero so buy him because he's for just 800 fractals!So I bought him.
Hey bub!
And there's x force wolverine too!Presently available for SHIELD members only.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Hulk like old city!!

I was watching some old trailers of SHSO, but then I saw this:

They were even planning the oscorp building!

And just look at the cars.They are awesome!Look at the hulk in the background.There's something....

Just take a look at our present time cars:
so boring....
What do you think??
tell me in the comments!

New stuff and more!

SHSO's facebook page recently gave a new contest! Its:

I think we should do some sort of Halloween Screenshot Contest. How about you?! Submit your best "Halloween themed" screenshot to titled "Halloween Contest" or post them here! Remember to include your Squad Name... because... I don't have it memorized yet. The Super Hero Squad Team will judge and post the results on Halloween! 

1st Place: X-Force Bundle
2nd Place: 500 Gold
3rd Place: 2500 Fractals

Good luck Squaddies!

- Snacks

See? 1st prize is the whole X-force bundle!!
I went to see how many spooky heroes are out there in my squad.
I took some screen shots:
a very frustrated ghost spidey

A ghost has been recently seen in villainvile!
What do you think? tell me in the comments!

P.S.-I know its very late, but I will keep posting again now! Just for fun:
The Man without fear is a scaredy-cat!!