Thursday, 4 December 2014

FOUR characters revealed!!

You read it right, there are four characters who would be released shortly.Ha.....ha......ha...
Sorry for that.Anyway, here they are:

I think you already this,from Squad Time.Speaking of squad time,where is ep.6????

2.Nova{Sam Alexander}
Yep,its nova.But, he's sam alexander.


A villian.I think his heroup would be spawning those big insects.

Now thats what I am talking about.I WILL GET HIM WHEN HE RELEASES.AND THAT'S THE SHSO GUIDE'S PROMISE.Right now I have this amount of fractals:
So,that means I need more 6000-4015=1985 fractals[Boo!]OR 5000-4015=985[Yay!]
So I hope he is for 5000 and is for non members...

P.S.-Sorry for not posting for so many days.But my exams were going on.:P