Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Phew.....Deadpool's car is really big.Anyway I got out of his car and he has said Don't do anything against him, or he'll put me back in there.
                When I logged in my account, I found:

  • My 6,015 fractals are now only 416 fractals left.
  • I have these new heroes at these levels : X-force Deadpool-11,Captain America-5,Golaith- 4
  • He has completed some achievements.
Well, he completely took over my blog too.But now I have Everything BACK.Well, he rescheduled my schedule, 'cuz now I need more fractals to buy Psylocke and Classic Dare Devil!Also I have some news for you.This guy is confirmed!!!
Its Juggernaut!!Finally!

Well then Bye!
                                                                                                                           ------The SHSO Guide

But don't forget I'm still monitoring over that idiot!!!!
                                                                                                               -------Guess who?